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Corporate Taxes in Mexico

El Impuesto a las Empresas básico en México es el ISR. De acuerdo a la legislación mexicana actual, la tasa del ISR para las personas morales es de un 30% y una tasa progresiva máxima de hasta un 35% para las personas físicas.

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Employee Profit Sharing Plan

The idea of an Employee Profit Sharing Plan (EPSP) for Mexican companies uses article 123 of the Constitution as its legal basis, for the Mexican Federal Labor Law...

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Social Security and Payroll Tax in Mexico

The principal task of The Mexican Social Security Institute [in Spanish:IMSS], is to provide medical coverage to its employees who are affiliated with this institution.

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Value Added Tax (VAT)

The Value Added Tax (VAT) is an end consumption tax; In general terms, the taxpayers are affected to this tax at the moment of payment effectively of each operation.

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Prorated Expenses

In compliance with the Law on Income Tax [in Spanish: la Ley del ISR], and under the terms of titles II and IV, prorated expenses made abroad will not be deductible for individuals who do not pay Income Tax.

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