2104 Federal Tax Installment Payment Dates
2104 Federal Tax Installment Payment Dates

The disposition which grants additional days for monthly payments remains in place.

This benefit does not apply to companies that carry out operations with foreign tax residents or that choose to audit their financial statements for tax purposes.


In the decree that was published for 2014 tax benefits various benefits were compiled and measures to simplify the administrative burden were established, as was the case in previous years the benefit which grants additional days to pay the monthly tax installments  (Income  Tax, VAT, withholdings, etc) remains in place .


It is established that installments that are to be paid on the 17th of the month following the period the taxes correspond to will be able to be paid according to the following:

Tax ID (RFC)

Sixth Numeric Digit


Payment Deadline

1 & 2

17th plus 1 business day

3 & 4

17th plus 2 business day

5 & 6

17th plus 3 business day

7 & 8

17th plus 4 business day

9 & 0

17th plus 5 business day



This benefit is limited to certain taxpayers and does not apply, amongst others, to taxpayers who have chosen to audit their financial statements for tax purposes and those that are obliged to file an informative return regarding their tax situation.

Regarding the above, this new informative return applies, amongst others, to Mexican tax residents and foreign tax residents with a permanent establishment in Mexico and to companies which considered as large taxpayers and obliges them to file information regarding their operations. 


With the incorporation of new exclusions for the application of this benefit which include large taxpayers or taxpayers that carry out activities with foreign tax residents, many foreign companies doing business in Mexico will not be able to benefit for this extension and may therefore need to adjust the deadlines for the preparation of their accounting information in order to be able to file the information with the Tax Authorities at the latest on the 17 th of the month following the period the taxes correspond to.

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