In our origin, our principles
In our origin, our principles

Numbers, precision, ethics, harmony, balance.

These are the constants of our work.

Our accounting firm was founded in 1988, in Guadalajara, Jalisco, México, by Juan Antonio Del Río Troncoso, who, in addition to his name, inherited us the compass that guides us to this day: honor...

About us


About us

We are a diverse, multilingual team, expert in auditing, advisory, accounting, finance, tax, and labor services.

To offer comprehensive services, we work in collaboration with legal firms.

We have offices in Mexico and Colombia, and clients on five continents. We perform a custom-made accompaniment with a close and personal approach.

We have the professional training, a love for numbers, vocation of service, and a moral code endorsed both by international certifications, and the loyalty of our clients.


The essence of what we do
The essence of what we do

We provide legality, tranquility, and certainty.

We help our clients have balanced finances and with each balance we make, we give them clarity on their situation to make accurate decisions with a focus on their growth and strengthening.

We contribute to maintaining healthy businesses and transparent accounts and, with this, we give order and peace of mind:
perfect balance, to extend the life of your company.

Why work with us
Why work with us

Because we will give you the equilibrium you need for your company.

Because you can have total certainty that we will perform a professional, independent, ethical job, tailored to your needs.

Because we will always be close, attentive and ready to provide innovative solutions.

Because we will contribute our code of honor and ethics, backed by international certifications.

Because you will have our loyalty, confidentiality, and technology; our multicultural and multilingual team and our complete focus on extending the life of your company.

Partners and Directors
Juan Antonio Del Río
Founding Partner
Bernardo Del Río
Managing Partner
Alfredo Palacios
Tax Partner
Miguel Peñaloza
Tax partner
Leonardo Gámez
Tax Partner
Alhelí Rodríguez
Finance Partner
Álvaro Quezada
Finance Partner
Víctor Ramos
Tax Partner
Rodrigo Miranda
Labor Partner
Montserrat Colín
Tax Partner
Eduardo Patraca
Dan Guerra
Tax Partner
Cynthia Yáñez
Tax Director
Fabio Osorio
Tax Director
Erik Estrada
Tax Director
Arnoldo Rodríguez
Tax Director
Cinthya Murillo
Labor Director
Rolando Díaz
Labor Director
Antonio Ávila
Foreign Trade Director
Salvador Acevedo
Audit Director
Renata Aguilar
Tax Director
Silvia Hernández
Finance Director
María José González
Transfer Pricing Dir
Juan Alberto Morales
Tax Director
Gildardo Contreras
Tax Director
Social Responsibility
Social Responsibility

For more than 30 years, our firm has strived to create a balance in all possible areas: within the company, in the finances of our clients, and with society as a whole to which we belong.

We know that in order to have balance, it is essential to look after those who are most in need, to extend a hand and support them to the best of our abilities. That’s why, among other causes, we support:

  • El Hospital Civil de Guadalajara [the Civil Hospital of Guadalajara]
  • Asociación ProCultura [Pro Culture Association]
  • Capacitación de la Mujer Mexicana, A.C., [Training for Mexican Women] for children who are victims of abuse
  • Escuela para Niñas y Niños Ciegos de Guadalajara [School for Blind Children in Guadalajara]

We have an internal project, “The Engagement Project” [in Spanish: Proyecto de Enganche], that involves our associates. New initiatives have been introduced that strengthen our company values so that it may become an even better place to work that can offer a balance between the workplace and the personnel who form part of it.

We constantly participate in social welfare projects because we know that every effort we make contributes to improving our society.

Throughout our history, we have developed important links with institutions of great value at the national and international levels, to strengthen our service capacity and have the professional and moral support to give our clients peace of mind.

We are members of Praxity, Global Alliance, the world's largest alliance of independent accountants and consulting firms.

The members of this alliance are meticulously selected based on their reputation, strength, size, financial status, leadership, and geographic relevance standards.

Praxity is conformed of more than 65 companies and around 50,000 experts in over 110 countries.

This alliance empowers us as global business players, allows us to choose expert advisors from this elite network to offer a wide range of business solutions to our clients, anywhere on the planet.

Being a Praxity member means being an independent, highly qualified firm, with the possibility of collaborating with partners from all over the world, who share their knowledge and experience on the local regulations of their countries; allowing us to offer accurate and highly reliable tax and consulting services worldwide.

Global alliance, to give global coverage
2020 Income from alliances and associations
Position Company Income
1 Deloitte 46,200.0
2 PwC 42.48.0
3 EY 36,394.0
4 KPMG 29,750.0
5 BDO 6,852.8
6 Praxity Global Alliance 6,956.0
7 Grant Thornton International 5,720.1
8 RSM* 4,416.4
9 Nexia 4,262.5
10 Allinial Global 4,110.9
IAB World ranking results
Praxity has obtained in the last thirteen years, a constant growth as shown by this ranking by income, prepared by IAB, thanks to the combined efforts of its associates.
Source: International Accounting Bulletin
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Where we are
Where we are
We have offices in Mexico and Colombia.