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Karla Rojas

Karla Rojas

Valuation Director


Karla Rojas is a graduate  from the Panamerican University, [in Spanish: Universidad Panamericana], and has a Bachelor’s degree in Management and Finance. She completed her Master’s degree in Assessment and Investment Project Management in this university as well.

She has more than 15 years of experience in business valuations for strategic planning, divestiture process, acquisitions, restructuring, tax reorganizations, financial reports, and financing. Her specialization is in management and compliance with project valuations for different purposes and in different industrial sectors such as: manufacturing, services, transport, energy, and real estate, among others.


Specialty area
  • Valuation of ongoing businesses that utilizes different focuses and methodologies, such as discounted cash flows and multiple and comparable companies that engage in similar transactions.
  • Methods for valuing intangible assets
  • Financial statement analysis and ongoing businesses
  • Estimated Market Value of investments from Investment Funds in order to comply with financial reports related to Development Equity Certificates [in Spanish: Certificados de Capital de Desarrollo] (CKDs). 
  • Implementation of Accounting Bulletins related to asset valuation such as Bulletin C 15, IFRS B 7, ASC 350, ASC 360, ASC 805, and IAS 820, IAS 36, IAS 38, and IFRS 3, regarding Mexican, American, and International Accounting Principles.