Electronic Audits will begin in September
Electronic Audits will begin in September

On August 04, the Tax Administration Service (Servicio de Administración Tributaria (SAT)) and the Taxpayer Defense Bureau (Procuraduría de la defensa del contribuyente (PRODECON)), confirmed that as of September, the first electronic audits will begin.

The SAT holds different sources of information, which may be the grounds for electronic revisions, some of these sources are as follows:

Omitted Incomes
• Tax payment omission
• Incorrect tax determination
• Calculation of withholdings
• Tax returns in zero.
• Withholdings vs payments made (the Employer withholds a sum from the employee and submits a minor sum to the revenue service)
• Risky suppliers.  (Which are on the blacklists published by SAT)
Statement of Incomes on trial balances and non-issuance of Digital Tax Receipt by Internet CFDI (Comprobante Fiscal Digital por Internet)

Notices will be given through the Tax Mailbox, therefore it is important to remember there is a three-day term to review the electronic notice sent by the SAT, in case that the term expires and has not been consulted, the notice will be deemed given on the fourth business day.

It is important to remember compliance with all elements in connection with electronic accounting, such as:

I. Having all XML on revenues and expenditures, which must be kept to be provided to the authority in case of a revision.
II.  Verify XML comply with all tax requirements and obtain assurance that to SAT, they are valid receipts, the foregoing through the execution of validation on SAT’s website.
III. Accounting entries must comply with the requirements established on tax dispositions.
Monthly compliance with the delivery of electronic accounting and covering the following items:

• The trial balance and chart of accounts sent on monthly basis, must match those shown on the accounting system.
• In the event of any accounting change, the corresponding amended trial balance is to be sent and if the case may be also the chart of Accounts. Verify memorandum accounts for year-end adjustments are being included, as well as the monthly registration of IVA/IEPS liabilities, for contract manufacturing companies (IMMEX), which must match the account statements sent by SAT on a monthly basis.
Obtain acknowledgement receipt for the acceptance of the trial balance and chart of accounts.

By sending monthly trial balances and those for the closing of the fiscal year, SAT tax computer systems have alerts on atypical behaviors, which shall serve as grounds for the authorities in order to make automatic digital revisions digitally.

Due to the foregoing, it is important to review notices received on the tax mailbox on a daily basis, and comply with all tax obligations for accounting registry.

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