Extension Regarding Tax Receipts for 2014
Extension Regarding Tax Receipts for 2014

As of 2014 the use of Digital Tax Receipts (CFDI) is mandatory.The deadline to issue CFDIs for wages and assimilated wages paid is extended to April 1st, 2014.

The 2014 Tax Reform established the mandatory use of CFDIs.
The Federal Tax Code has been modified specifying that this obligation also applies to withholdings (Payroll, assimilated wages, etc.), discounts, refunds or bonuses.

It is established that legal entities will be able to choose to postpone issuing the CFDIs mentioned above corresponding to the first 3 months of the year until April 1st, 2014, by which date CFDIs for these three month will have to have been issued (for payroll, assimilated wages, etc.) or for withholdings carried out (freight, fees, amongst others).
In order to be able to benefit from this a notification must be filed through the Tax Authorities’ website informing them that the company will be applying the benefit.

It is therefore important for companies, currently in the process of updating their software, to remember that all CFDIs have to have been issued by April 1st, 2014, if this is not the case they will lose the right to apply this benefit.

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