ICSOE: Informative On Contracts For Specialized Works Or Services
ICSOE: Informative On Contracts For Specialized Works Or Services

What is ICSOE?

ICSOE is an electronic tool implemented and administered by the Mexican Social Security Institute [in Spanish: el Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social], IMSS, through which service providers or specialized work executors report to the Institute the information concerning contracts entered into, concerning the subcontracting of specialized services or the execution of specialized works.    

It aims to streamline compliance with the regular obligation of submitting information to the Institute regarding contracts entered into for the four-month period in question. 

The Individual or Legal Entity providing or executing specialized services or works must provide every four months, no later than the 17th day of January, May, and September, the information regarding contracts entered into during the four-month period in question.  


  • Service is available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.
  • Complete massive worker registration is available, or enter information on an individual basis.
  • Its use is entirely online and secure when accessed via an electronic signature given by the Tax Administration Service [in Spanish: SAT].


Period Four-Mounth Period Date Submitted
January – April First May 01 to 17 
May – August Second September 01 to 17
September – December Third January 01 to 17

Note: If the due date’s last business day is a non-business day, it will be moved to the following business day.


  Tecnical Specifications
Computer Intel i3 Core Processor with at least 4 GB of RAM.
Operating System Windows 7 and later versions. / Mac OSX 10.10 and later versions.
Web Browser Google Chrome’s latest version.

JavaScript needs to be activated to view the modules’ contents.Additionally, the pop-ups option must be enabled.

Internet Connection 5 Mbps or more, with a 4G connection minimum.
Microsoft Excel  To view and edit documents in CSV format.
Acrobat Reader  To view documents in PDF format.

You can enter the Registry of Providers of Specialized Services or Works [in Spanish: el Registro de Prestadoras de Servicios Especializados u Obras Especializadas] (REPSE), the public registry of the Labor and Social Welfare Secretariat at: https://repse.stps.gob.mx/.

To submit the quarterly compliance reports on the previously indicated dates, you must access the platform at: https://www.imss.gob.mx/icsoe. 

In JADR, we can assist you in matters of compliance. We will be pleased to advise you regarding any questions you may have.