Details for the implementation of the ANAM Crossing Notice (AVC)
Details for the implementation of the ANAM Crossing Notice (AVC)

On January 1, 2022, the National Customs Agency of Mexico (ANAM), a decentralized agency of the SAT, began its functions. The ANAM will direct, organize and operate the customs and inspection services to ensure compliance with the legal norms regulating the entry and exit of merchandise.

"The New National Customs Agency of Mexico (ANAM) Enters functions and removes functios from the SAT"

Based on the above, it has been necessary to stop operating with SAT-controlled systems to operate with their own and thus avoid system-related problems. Among the new adaptations, they implemented the CROSSING NOTICE.

What is the crossing notice?

It is a best practice process that helps automate and modernize the customs system through a new document called CROSSING NOTICE, to clear the goods before the country's customs, which will be transmitted on the ANAM's web portal and/or the web service enabled for such purposes.

What is the objective?

The goal is to transmit with fewer data and make it more legible for the clearance of goods process, the elimination of the driver's badge usage to activate the Automated Selection Mechanism (MSA) to now incorporate the TAG reading usage that the vehicles will carry, allowing to speed up the process.

What is the TAG?

TAG is a sticker with a radio frequency system. This sticker must be placed on the windshield to be read by the antennas in the automated lanes.

What happens if the customs do not have the technological devices to process these documents digitally?

The driver must have the Crossing Notice printed to activate the automated selection mechanism.

Who is authorized to carry out the Crossing Notice? 

In this first instance, the only ones with access are customs agents, customs chief, customs representative agents, and legal representatives.

When will it come into effect? 

On August 1, 2022, ANAM will have all the mechanisms ready to execute the new crossing notice, as stated by the head of the ANAM customs modernization administrator, engineer Blanca Estela Silva Pita.

What is the implementation process like? 

Authorized persons must register in the ANAM portal, which through a responsive letter issued by the portal and attaching an official identification, will grant a username and password.

We must enter the portal and fill out these simple information:

  • Notice's general data (crossing customs, type of operation, tag, etc.)
  • Document information (petition, ATA notebook, AGA 15 format, etc.)
  • Type of document (normal request, part II, electronic notice, remittance of prior consolidation)
  • Transits (initial customs office)
  • The system will return an alphanumeric number containing all the previously entered information. In the beginning, it will be valid for seven days for its operation.
  • The system will issue us a file in JSON format, we will transmit it to the portal by entering our username and password, and it will return an encrypted key with SSL certificates.
  • Subsequently, we will obtain the crossing notice format to submit in the module.


The crossing notice is intended to replace PITA and DODA later on.

In the following link, you can find some manuals for its correct execution:

At JA Del Rio, we are committed to ensuring that our clients comply with the legal customs provisions in Mexico. If you have any questions about the new format or how and where to obtain the annexes of the new CROSSING NOTICE, do not hesitate to contact us and schedule a date.