Surveys for IMSS beneficiaries
Surveys for IMSS beneficiaries

It has been detected that the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) has been sending a survey aimed at employees and former employees to find out the beneficiaries’ level of satisfaction. To date, no official communication regulating this activity has been issued by the IMSS; however, we suggest evaluating the possible impact it may have on your company.

The questions include finding out about compliance with employer obligations through the people who answer the survey.

The survey is being addressed individually to each worker from or Those who receive the email can respond directly and confidentially to the list of questions.

Some questions regarding employers’ compliance are listed below, as well as the options included as possible answers:

• In that job, did your employer affiliate you to the IMSS? [Yes / No / Don’t know]

• Did your employer report to IMSS your real salary? [Yes / No / Don’t know]

• Approximately how many employees work in the same center where you work or worked in your last job? [Indicate number of employees]

• How often was your salary paid? [Daily / Weekly / Biweekly / Monthly / None of the above]

• What is or was your last monthly salary in pesos? [Indicate amount in pesos]

• What do you think was the monthly salary your employer reported to the IMSS? [Indicate amount in pesos]

• How many of your company’s employees do you think are registered in the IMSS? [Zero / 1 to 10% / 10% to 25% / 25% to 50% / 50% to 75% / 75% to 99% / All]

• Did you know that by being affiliated to the IMSS, you are entitled to disability and work risk insurance, which covers accidents, general and work-related illnesses, and that the disability pay is proportional to the salary that your employer reports to the IMSS? This means that if your employer reports a lower salary to the IMSS, you will receive less. [Yes / No]

• Did you know that part of the salary reported by your employer to the IMSS is saved for you in a retirement account, and if your employer reports a lower salary, then you will have fewer savings? [Yes / No]

It is very important to point out that the authority could take these surveys to supervise employers; therefore, as a precaution, it is recommended to take the following actions:

- Make employees aware that they may receive this survey, and, if they do, answering it is optional.

- Make the necessary information available to the employees so that their answers are accurate. In the following link, employees can check their quoted weeks and their reported salary:

 - Implement a record of the information provided to employees.

If you require more information regarding this topic, contact us. We will be pleased to assist you.