Increase the minimum wage in 2021.
Increase the minimum wage in 2021.

The Council of Representatives of the National Minimum Wages Commission (CONASAMI) agreed to an increase in general and professional minimum wages for next year of 15% general and 15% for the North Border Free Zone.

This increase must be effective as of January 1, 2021, and we can see it as follows:


Geographic area

Minimum salary 2020


Minimum salary 2021

Rest of the country

$123.22 15% 141.70

North border free zone

$185.56 15% 213.39


Likewise, this Commission integrates two professions to the list of professional minimum wages with their corresponding increases:

New profession

Increase with respect at the current minimum wage

Minimum salary 2021


30% $160.19

Domestic workers

25% $154.03


Although this increase, Mexico positioned at no. 76 of 135 countries in terms of the minimum wage, the employer sector voted against because of the health emergency arising from the COVID, which has impacted many companies. This increase is displayed more closures of jobs.

We remind you that this increase is only mandatory for employees with such income and profession.

When in doubt, J.A. DEL RÍO makes its experts available so that they can advise them on such compliance, so we reiterate at your service.