INFONAVIT Credit,  How to make the confirmation credit processing?
INFONAVIT Credit, How to make the confirmation credit processing?

   As of July 12, of the current year, a new operation named the Confirmation of Service for Credit Applications began, through which employers will perform a procedure that acknowledges confirmation of the credit application of its workers by electronic format. This aims to prevent any possible situations of identity theft of workers and contributes towards not issuing payments that are pending to be repaid through the cancellation of unreleased mortgage loans, since the deduction originates with the beneficiary for his/her mortgage loan, and until the signing of the legal instruments with the notary; that is, until its execution.

   So that a worker may continue with the execution of a loan, the employer must do the confirmation electronically. An electronic confirmation will be executed through the corporate website with its valid e-signature. Upon doing so, it acknowledges that the worker is in the process of applying for credit. When the credit procedure has been executed by the notary, a Notice of Withholding of Deductions can be downloaded from the corporate website to begin the corresponding deductions.

   It is very important to note that during the time in which the credit application has not been done electronically by the employer, the certification process will not be able to continue. Therefore, the aforesaid confirmation must be done on time to avoid any cancellation due to a depletion of resources. 


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