Internet Digital Tax Receipts (CFDI) at the closing of the 2016 fiscal year.
Internet Digital Tax Receipts (CFDI) at the closing of the 2016 fiscal year.

In accordance with the guidelines established by tax authorities, since 2014, all transactions executed by companies and individuals for the development of their activities shall be supported by an Internet Digital Tax Receipt (CFDI).

The CFDI is an invoice that needs to be stamped by a PAC (Authorized Certification Supplier) and without said document, taxpayerscannot deduct expenses, the payment of services and investments carried out. In addition, Value Added Tax (VAT) cannot be creditable.

As we have mentioned before, it essential for the company to have all CFDI in electronic XML form, as this is the only officially valid form for authorities.

In addition to XML, these shall be stored on the company’s server, on the cloud or in any other storage media.  In the event of a revision, authorities will request access to the place where the respective CFDI are stored.

The following are some examples of domestic transactions that need the obtaining of the CFDI in XML form.

• Purchasing merchandise
• Lease of real property
• Courier services
• Freight services.
• Purchasing goods.
• Acquisition of fixed assets
• Overhead expenses, etc.

We recommend obtaining assurance of having all CFDI documents in XML form, and making sure all suppliers have issued the corresponding CFDI.  In the event some of these invoices are missing, the period for obtaining the issuance of these documents from the supplier is December 31.

Please contact us if you have any question or need any clarification in this regard.