SAT Alert: Apocryphal Emails
SAT Alert: Apocryphal Emails

Recently, the Tax Administration Service (SAT) identified apocryphal emails sent to taxpayers, with the intention of committing fraud and/or obtaining confidential information.

Some of the emails received come from addresses already classified as apocryphal such as,,, and, among others.

The subject in these mass emails is “Regularize ISR (Income Tax) Immediately”, mentioning a fine of $72,142 pesos and the fiscal year the fine belongs to.

According to the SAT, there have also been phone calls and letters intending to deceive taxpayers through false information.  As an example, there have been cases of emails supposedly sent from banks, referring to the taxpayer’ status before the SAT. Some of these false messages are sent from

Upon this growing fraud issue, if you suspect you are receiving notifications from any of those email addresses, we recommend the following:

- Delete the apocryphal email immediately.
- Under no circumstance click on links from suspicious emails.
- If for some reason a file was opened or a program executed, use an antivirus to scan your computer.
- Do not share any confidential information.
- Go to the following link to learn more about this topic, as well as the actions to follow:
- We also recommend visiting to see some examples of detected apocryphal emails.

The SAT emphasized they do not distribute software, nor do they request that files be executed or saved in any media. Also, they do not ask for personal information or passwords from taxpayers, and that one of the official communication channels is phone number MarcaSAT: 627 22 728.

This is an example of an apocryphal email:

If you believe you have received an apocryphal email, we recommend following the suggestions above.

Please call us if you have any questions about this matter.