Start of Phase 3 of COVID-19, and the Mexican Taxpayer Administration (SAT) extends the period for the filing of the annual tax return for individuals
Start of Phase 3 of COVID-19, and the Mexican Taxpayer Administration (SAT) extends the period for the filing of the annual tax return for individuals

The Under Secretary for Public Health, [in Spanish: el subsecretario de Prevención y Promoción de la Salud], Hugo López-Gatell Ramírez, announced the start of Phase 3 due to the COVID-19 epidemic in Mexico.

Confronting this stage, the General Health Council [in Spanish: el Consejo de Salubridad General] (CSG), has approved various control actions in which: “the same AGREEMENT is modified by means of extraordinary actions that are established to respond to the health emergency caused by the SARS-CoV2 virus, published on March 31, 2020”1, which was published on April 21, 2020, after the characteristics of the evidence of this stage were presented to this agency, such as active outbreaks, propagation in areas with more than one thousand cases, and recommendations from scientific groups.

Among the measures approved, is highlighted: the extension of the National Day of Healthy Distance [in Spanish: la Jornada Nacional de Sana Distancia], until May 30, and the extension until that date, of the suspension of non-essential activities2, with the purpose of reducing the spread and transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, reducing the burden of illness, its complications, and death from COVID-19 in national territory. Therefore, activities in all public places such as movie theatres, opera houses, parks, shopping malls, and beaches remain suspended.

The compliant mechanisms deal with the temporary suspension of all non-essential work activities in the public, private, and social sector. It is of national scope and must be complied with at the local level.

Moreover, the General Health Council agreed to continue with the safety measures for seniors and high-risk populations. The Federal Ministry of Health [in Spanish: la Secretaría de Salud Federal], will establish the corresponding guidelines for putting in practice these provisions. In the meantime, it is the responsibility of the state health authorities to ensure that they are complied with in their areas, as well as to apply the different administrative methods that guarantee the implementation of the National Day of Healthy Distance.

If in those municipalities, where there has been a reduction or zero transmission of the virus, and if the level is maintained until close to May 30, an evaluation of the health distance measures may be made in advance.

May 17 has been considered, and reopening´s for May 18, provided that those municipalities that today have a low transmission rate maintain the same reduced rate.

Furthermore, the Mexican Taxpayer Administration has implemented preventive action regarding public health that has been drawn up to protect the health of taxpayers such as:

The website of the Mexican Taxpayer Administration-ID [in Spanish: SAT-ID] (, used as a tech tool for those taxpayers that generate or reset their password from their home in order to facilitate the filing of the annual tax return for individuals.

Additionally, in order to facilitate collections and to encourage these processes from being performed without leaving one´s home, the Mexican Taxpayer Administration announced an extension of the period for complying with the filing of the annual tax return for individuals until June 30, 20203.