Actions to promote voluntary compliance with the SISUB report
Actions to promote voluntary compliance with the SISUB report

Individuals or legal entities registered, in terms of article 15 of the Federal Labor Law, to carry out the provision of specialized services or works must provide every four months, no later than January 17th, May, and September, the information of the contracts celebrated in the four-month period in question.

To comply with the obligation mentioned above, INFONAVIT released the Subcontracting Information System [In Spanish: Sistema de Información de Subcontratación (SISUB)], which is the electronic means for employers to comply with the provisions of article 29 Bis of the Workers National Housing Fund Institute Law.

The Institute, considering the implications for the fulfillment of this obligation, regarding the four-month period between May and August – given that the SISUB system has been recently released and requires an adaptation period – has determined through its website that for this obligation, during the following weeks and until October 18th, the necessary guidance and support actions will be reinforced to promote compliance with the obligation and therefore avoid possible sanctions.