Modifications to uniform regulations of the TMEC - USMCA
Modifications to uniform regulations of the TMEC - USMCA

On August 13, 2021, the Ministry of Economy (SE) published the Uniform Regulations of the TMEC-USMCA in the Official Federal Gazette. The regulations are interpretations for the application and administration of Chapter 4 (Rules of Origin), Chapter 5 (Origin Procedures), Chapter 6 (Textile Goods and Clothing), and Chapter 7 (Customs Administration and Trade Facilitation) of the Treaty.

The publication is made derived from the fact that the T-MEC's Free Trade Commission adopted on May 18, 2021, Decision No. 2, whose Annex I includes the Uniform Regulations adopted by the T-MEC Parties, which repeal the Regulations published on July 9, 2020, in the Official Federal Gazette.

The National Commission previously analyzed the changes for Regulatory Improvement (CONAMER), and by means of a document issued on July 29, 2021, it is considered by the authority that these modifications do not generate obligations and sanctions for individuals.

The definitions of "non-originating material," "originating material," "originating good," "subject to a requirement of regional value content" are modified among others to eliminate the reference to "Treaty."

Although many of the changes are in precision, it is recommended to validate the concepts used in their original qualification. Within its transitory states, it clarifies that this publication comes into effect the day after its publication.

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