Liability Capitalization
Liability Capitalization

The Official Gazette published, on December 8, 2020, the reform to various tax provisions, one of which was the amendment to article 30 of the Federal Tax Code, in which some obligations were introduced, such as the preservation of information and supporting documentation to prove the economic substance of social capital income increases or decreases.

The addition of rule, "Accounting existence of the liability and its corresponding value certification," should be noted.

In this rule, it is provided that the certification referred to in article 30, paragraph four of the Federal Tax Code must be carried out by a Registered Public Accountant and contain a series of requirements, including not only the identification data of the person, entity or legal figure with which the obligation from which the liability derives was generated, the source document of the obligation from which the capitalized liability derives, and the liability value at the date of capitalization, but also the documentation or account statements proving that the resources subject to the obligation of the capitalized liability were effectively delivered, among others.

Based on the above, we suggest you analyze the indicated provisions scope for your company to comply with the tax obligation that the authority has recently introduced.

How can we help?

We will analyze the scope of rule by certifying the existence of the liability and its value, and we will issue a statement certifying the liabilities capitalization.

This way, your company will be complying with the law, and you will have the peace of mind of having everything in order. 


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